Happiness and freedom of expression is the name of the game. Dream as BIG as you want, believe in yourself and NEVER give up. Embrace your individuality and make it your USP! Our way is the healthy way, the right and just way. Break the rules that need to be broken and rebuild the frame works of impossible.


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Chase brand is more than just a business, its an energy exchange. Every product in the store is crafted with love and produced consciously. You will receive your items in eco friendly packaging from the boxes we use down to the sticky tape, everything is 100% recyclable. 

Each pendant is treated with respect and gets cleansed in salt water and charged in the moon/sun light before making its way to you. Crystals are like ancient memory sticks, storing the energy and vibrations of those who keep them so for this reason you can rest assured yours has been restored and will contain the last touch of love and positivity from me to you.

Chase brand is donating 10% of all sales to My Name is Human charity which is a social enterprise working globally with displaced people, to provide education and creative solutions for refugees, the homeless, and the extremely impoverished.


I am set on creating passionate products and sharing them with the world. I will sell things I love and believe in whole heartedly. Beautiful things that have positive impact on the ones who possess them. From Charged crystal pendants to protect from negative energies to Organic supplements and health care products. If I use it and I swear by it, I will sell it.

Through energetic exchange we have to possibility to change the world. I bring you artisan products not found anywhere else and you share your freedom credits with me and feel good knowing you are also supporting small businesses and a charity through your energy exchange.

Together we can