Chase & Cole Armitage clearing a roof gap

Chase is known in the Parkour and Free Running community as one of the innovators and original athletes of the sports. Chase has spent his life dedicated to the progression of his talents and skills never happy with where its at, always seeking to take it to the next level. “I love this sport because the possibilities are endless, Its not just about pushing my physical boundaries, but developing as a better person and sharing my inspiration with the world”

Chase was inspired by Jackie Chan and his films from an early age. Chase is a trained British champion in Chinese martial arts, stunts, Parkour and Free Running. He specialises in Choreography and performance for feature films, commercials, promo videos and live shows. Having worked around the globe as a professional performer he has stared in hollywood feature films, commercials and TV shows. Chase can support any aspect of film and event production from performance and choreography to actor training and consultancy.

Chase has a very powerful screen performance and is very versatile with the roles he can play, from a convict racing driver in Death Race to a hip hop free running dancer in You got Served Beat the World. He often gets the role of the hero. He makes a good James Bond in the Rexona commercial and inspires people with his views in Xbox Slip.

Chase see’s each project he works on as personal and enjoys the bond that a film crew create’s when working on a shoot. Get in touch if your looking for a Action Actor, Chase deals with clients directly.