Thomson was another very happy client that became one of Chase’s repeat customers. Thomson cruises wanted to shoot a very ambitious project showcasing their new ship the Dream liner and came up with the idea of having a team of free runners run the ship chased by security guards traveling throughout the many spaces on board the ship. Chase had the task of playing one of the free runners and shooting/directing the commercial with good friend Adam. The shoot was very challenging because it was supposed to look empty when in fact the week of filming the ship was in full action with passengers on board. Chase saw the video through production and editing and delivered the film with great response from Thomson, In fact they loved it so much They commissioned a second film!
Watch part one here

The second film was shot out in Jamaica and featured Yohan Blake. This time Chase stepped out from the performance and got behind the camera to shoot and direct the film again with good friend Adam. It was a very demanding shoot with many different film locations around Jamaica. The finished video was even better than the first and left Thomson with a film they are very proud of. It plays on their inflight entertainment so keep an eye out for it.