Chase in Toronto looking for rooftop shots for Beat the World Movie

Since Chase started his journey into a world of movement sports his passion for capturing it was right there growing along side his passion for practicing them. He started out as a film and media student filming his movements and instantly fell in love with trying to capture the super human movements in a way that would do them justice. Chase has over 10 years of experience shooting and editing Parkour and Free Running. Having produced over 100 productions and racking up over 40 million views! His Art has taken him all over the globe shooting parkour and free running, From the dome’s of Santorini to the temples in Cambodia, Jungles and water falls in Mexico and even on board a cruise ship!

Chase has assisted entire movie projects from start to finish looking after the action choreography and putting together shot lists to make sure the action is always pumping and feeling alive. Chase loves to work closely with producers and directors to make sure their visions come to life and his work exceeds their expectations.

Most recently he has directed two short film commercials for Thomson Cruses. The first film being shot on board a working cruse ship sailing the caribbean and the second based in Jamaica. The first commercial was so successful that it was nominated for many awards and gave Chase and his team 3RUN the chance to shoot a sequel out in Jamaica and earned them a cameo from the second fastest man on the planet! Yohan Blake.

Style is everything being a director and Chase surely has an Epic style, he likes things to be jaw dropping, inspiring and to give you goose bumps when you connect to the unity of perfect sound track laced with cinematic video. “I want people to feel what i feel when doing the moves, what i see and feel being on the edge of a 20 story building about to jump. For me a good film is not just telling a story, its taking the viewers on your journey”

Chase in Malaysia shooting a commercial

Chase is all about unique shooting styles and methods, he loves and regularly uses camera drones in his shoots to get ariel angles that no other camera man could get. POV angles are often taken advantages of in his work and camera spins that match the athletes movements.

“Surely the most important skills needed in film making is an eye for the shot, good composition and a camera move that compliments the action unfolding in front of the camera” That mixed with a huge drive and passion to create will ensure any project Chase works on will have its own unique magic.

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