Chase has been pushing the arts of Parkour and Free Running since they first came to the UK over 20 years ago. Chase is known as a pioneer in the sport and has shared inspiration across the globe through his personal and professional projects. Founder of the world famous Parkour team 3RUN who travel the world working on feature films, commercials, live shows, promotional events and producing their own mind blowing action films.

Chase has a long history in Chinese Martial Arts. He became British champion multiple times competing around the World. He also has the Guinness World Record for the farthest back flip off a wall over a moving car! WATCH RECORD. Chase is a student to all types of movement, from skydiving to rock climbing, snowboarding and Capoeira, anything that will better his performance and understanding of self. He has trained and worked with some of the Worlds top stunt men and developed a deep understanding of stunts for cinema and how to get the most from each and every shot.

His passion runs deep into every level of film making, not only is he an action actor, parkour athlete and choreographer, he directs short films and tv commercials that have racked up over 40 million views on Youtube and been nominated for multiple awards.

“I literally love what I do, I have never even considered it as work, it’s my passion. When your doing what you love you give it your all. It’s all about progression for me, to better my previous work and explore new possibilities. Most importantly, it’s got to be fun!”

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Chase has played a pivotal role in the development of the Parkour and Free Running scene. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of the sport and helped shape its evolution into a more acrobatic expression of movement. With 20 years of experience Chase is an absolute asset to any project looking to co-ordinate a live performance or put together an action scene for film. Chase has been employed by feature films such as You got Served and Mind gamers to supervise the Parkour, supplying the team, creating the choreography and shooting and editing the previz through to performing on screen and shooting second unit. Chase has been performing Parkour at world class level for live shows, events, films, music videos and TV commercials. He holds a Guinness world record for wall flipping over a moving car and has safely completed 25 flips over a speeding car in front of live audiences around the world.
Since Chase graduated as a film student he has been capturing his passion for movement and producing inspiring films which have racked up millions of views and been seen world wide. Chase now works as a producer, director and editor specialising in action sports and travel adventure. He is known as a one stop shop by his clients around the world who have complex action productions that need the inside know how of someone who has been producing action cinema for over a decade!
In Chases early years he began training in the Chinese Martial arts Wushu after being inspired by Jackie Chan and Jet Li. He traveled to China and began to train with the masters. Chase went on to become British Champion 6 times and represented the UK in Worlds and European championships. He has open hand and weapon training. Chase was brought in to work on into the badlands season 2 as a parkour and martial artist and created some epic hybrid action sequences for the popular American TV series. Chase also has extensive experience in stunts having worked with wires, high falls, fire burns, explosions, fights and vehicles.
The transition from Free Running to Actor happened gradually as Chase got more and more interest from directors looking for someone who could not only do the action but also hold his own acting in front of the camera. Chases first big role was playing a snatcher in Harry Potters Deathly Hallows. He was then chosen to be one of the drivers in Death Race 2 and got his big break when he was cast to play Justin in You got Served beat the world. Chase is a great choice for commercials needing powerful action movements and a good onscreen presence.
Chase works really well in a production environment getting the most out of being part of a team. He has consulted for feature films, big events looking after 30 free runners and choreographs action for arena shows. Chases experience makes putting together choreography a speedy process and always brings innovative ideas to any production.
Chase has a great reputation in and out of the Parkour and Free Running world. He has always been about promoting positivity and inspiring those that follow him to do better and achieve their goals and dreams. Chase is also an ambassador for Veganism and promotes a cruelty free lifestyle.

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