Chase Armitage is a parkour performer and action director from the UK based in London with 20 years of experience in the sport. Chase is a specialist when it comes to all things parkour and stunt related, known as one of the pioneers of free running. Chase is respected in the parkour community for his early innovation, creating some of the movements that pushed the boundaries of the sport. The industry also acknowledge his work as a producer having supervised and performed in some of the most memorable and Iconic parkour shows from launching events for Ford to packing out stadiums on a World tour for Fast and Furious Live.

Chase has been working in front of the camera for the better part of his 20 year career. He started off staring in commercials showcasing his incredible parkour movements and quickly got picked up for acting roles in feature films. Chase is known for his part in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows in which he played a snatcher with incredible agility. He went on to work on other films such as Death Race 2, Pirates of the Caribbean and You Got Served.

Chase has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to action sports. His production company have produced 30+ viral commercials for brands like PGA and Thompson cruises, traveling the world shooting jaw dropping visuals racking up millions of views.

Chase works as an action director for film and commercials having recently finished a cutting edge Volumetric video capture ad for 3 Mobile.

From TV commercials and live events to feature films and bespoke training, get in touch with Chase to discuss your project.


Chase has always had a passion for movement growing up. He began training wushu in his early years and then found parkour through watching Jackie Chan movies. Chase spends his personal time learning new movement disciplines. Chase is a qualified skydiver, rock climber, free diver and snow boarder. He has a love for anything that goes fast! Cars and motorbikes are among those passions and he regularly does track days to tune those driving skills.

Traveling is Chase’s next big love. He has visited over 50 countries spending lots of time in Chile the birth place of his wife Amor. He loves the asian influence with its deep history in martial arts, natural medicine and philosophy. Chase spent many months visiting China to study wushu and kung fu under some of the sports top masters. Chase always has his camera equipment with him where ever he goes, capturing the journey through his lifestyle videos.

These days Chase spends a lot of his time promoting a healthy natural lifestyle. He promotes a plant based diet and puts out daily inspirational content via instagram on his training routines.

Chase wants to see the world change for the better and puts lots of focus on living as eco friendly as possible. Chase considers himself a spiritual person and is on a journey to connect with nature, the earth and himself through meditation, training and yoga practices.

He is always looking for his next big challenge, Chase currently has the Guinness World Record for the farthest wall flip over a moving car and has successfully completed 25 side flips over a sports car traveling at 40mph!

Chase is a true film maker in every sense of the word. He produces, directs and even edits.

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