chase armitage showreel 2017

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my latest action showreel for 2017! It is always such a hard task sitting down in the edit and having to be super selective as 3 minutes goes quickly. I am super happy with my latest collection of action highlights and feel I can rest easy knowing that this showreel embodies what I am all about when it comes to action, movement, acting and choreography. I like to show my diversity in showreels and give the viewer a unique experience as if they were watching a trailer for an up coming action movie with all the best bits to get them hyped up and wanting more. Some of my favourite projects from this showreel have to be the fight scenes from Savages, and my battle with Daniel Wu from Into the Badlands Season 2. I also loved doing the Parkour sequences in the TV commercials Deichmann most wanted, Vodafone and Playstation and not to forget the adverts I produced, directed, stared in and edited for TM Lewin and PGA Tour which were huge successes.

I am super excited for what 2018 will have to offer and I am eager to get stuck into any creative, ambitious project that comes my way. If you would like to work together drop me an email here:

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