I am very proud to present a commercial I produced, directed, stared in and edited for London suit company T.M Lewin. I had so much fun working on the script, sourcing the locations, creating the choreography and directing the shots with my team who were fantastic all the way. It was a challenging two day shoot in which we shot at various locations scattered across London but as I had a very experienced team who specialise in shooting parkour we were able to spend little time in each location getting the shots perfect within a few takes and moving on. The production team didn't miss a beat, the only thing that did was our Ronin from time to time.

TM.Lewin Parkour commercial staring Chase Armitage:

I produced all of the online advertising content for TM.Lewin along with the in store video advertising and photographic POS images. It was a real pleasure being a one stop shop for TM.Lewin's creative advertising campaign.

Parkour suit Chase Armitage

parkour suit chase armitage

parkour suit chase armitage 1

Parkour suit London Chase Armitage

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