Its been 8 years since my video Free Inspiration. I have made many videos since then but this one means the most to me. Its incredible to look back at how much has changed in my life, so many dreams I’ve achieved. I’ll never forget my school careers day, being asked what i wanted to do at age 14, I said I wanted to be a stunt man or racing car driver, only to be told they were not on his generic list. At the age of 16 i knew I wanted to be in movies and travel the world, and for the past 12 years thats what I’ve been doing. I never doubted myself, I always believed anything was possible if I put my heart and soul into it. I came to realise everything we want in life is just a choice away.
I started at the bottom and now im here, not at the top by any means but still in love with the climb and the hard work it takes to make it up there.

As I went deeper down the rabbit hole I became more and more aware that we are all one, made up from the same stuff, light and infinite energy. I have always considered myself a student of movement, but now I was becoming a student to the universe. I now know that what we do in our lives, our choices and way of living has a direct impact on the rest of the World. I have faith that even though we have a long way to go, were slowly moving forward as a race.
There is a massive conscious change happening and were all waking up.
2 years ago I adopted a Vegan lifestyle, it was the best lifestyle choice I ever made. For years I felt the guilt when I ate meat, saying one day when I had the will power I would make the change, I knew deep down it was bad and so much suffering came from my pleasures and laziness. One of the truest sayings I have ever heard is that Ignorance is bliss. Thats the straight up truth.

I went Vegan firstly because I knew that as a species we are supporting pure evil by buying meat and dairy from factory farms. Its just something from our nightmares, and as a person with a big heart and a conscious how could I support this. As the fog cleared I began to see the truth, in how we are being lied to, they tell us meat, eggs and dairy are good for us, but they dont care about us. We need to take it into our own hands and feel what is good for us, do our own research and find the truth.
I am the fittest and most healthy I have ever been in my whole life at age 30. Every day i find something new that benefits my well being. Its true our Body is a temple. Many lies are out there promoting Vegan as unhealthy, but im just one of the many busters out there showing the real true way to thrive is to Live Vegan. We owe it to ourselves and to all the other sentient beings on this earth to be our best.

2016 is going to be a massive year I can feel it =) I just want to see us all becoming the best versions of ourselves. Thats what lifes all about =))

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, full of love, health, wealth and happiness. Lets all make a conscious effort