Its been an incredible experience living and working out in Romania for the fast few months, I have learned so much as always from working closely with such an epic production team. I have always had such deep interest into all areas of film making, as a film maker myself I always use opportunities like these to get a better understanding of how each department works. I love asking the DP's questions about shooting techniques and technicalities, how best to light a scene and best lens choices. On the other side chilling with the Set designers and VFX team and watching them work is always so insightful and reminds me that what they do is an art form as well as the movement and action we bring to the screen.

I am having so much fun having my two brothers working closely with me on my team, aiding me to teach the actors for their scenes, and performing along side them and my two other great team mates Chris and Mat in gruelling fight scenes with 300 people lasting all night. Its all about the challenge and the bigger picture, I love being part of a team and working towards the same goal, to make the most spectacular film possible.

Massive props to the Films director, writer and producer Andrew Goth and Joanne Raey. Its been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to this last month together.

I have some big personal projects lined up after completing this shoot, My next venture is into 3D film making in a tropical climate! blessed to do what i love most.

Till the next update.